Saturday, February 7, 2009

We're Home

What a week we had. We left Ft.St John early afternoon on Wednesday after training. We had to make a stop in Ft.Nelson to pick up a few things. We drove late into the night Wednesday, stopping briefly for a short nap in the truck. I climbed into the back seat to try and get a little sleep while Nathan drove. Every time I'd almost be asleep he'd hit the brakes and I pop up to see Buffalo lying in the road. One time there were 3 lying on the left side of the road and 2 more on the right and Nathan had to weave the truck and trailer in between them all. It was quite a sight to see. We stopped for breakfast in Watson Lake and a guy at the restaurant told us the Buffalo cause alot of bad accidents by sleeping in the road. I guess they like the warm pavement. Wish we could have gotten some pictures of it. Thursday night we had dinner at Destruction Bay and then drove for a bit longer. We slept in the truck for a few hours and then pressed on. We got grilled at the border crossing, go figure the only trouble we had the whole trip was getting back into our home state. Then we almost hit a caribou after that. It ran across the road then darted back out in front of us. Whew! Glad Nathan's a good driver or we would have got that one for sure. We had Breakfast in Tok Friday morning. It so good to be close to home. The worst roads of our trip was between Tok and Chistochina. It was snowing and blowing and no one had been over the roads yet so it was really hard to see where the road was. We finally made it back to Chugiak Friday afternoon, first stop was the car wash to get all the salt off the truck and trailer. They use alot of salt on the roads down there. When we got home we let all the dogs run around for awhile, they looked happy to be home but the funny thing was they all eventually came back over to the truck and wanted back in. The plan was already to keep all the race dogs on the truck for the weekend since we have to be in Anchorage early Saturday morning for the Exxon race. Stay tuned for this weekends race results.

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