Monday, December 29, 2008

First Day

We started our trip today. We got a much later start than we planned. There is alot of last minute stuff to pack when the weather is so cold. We stopped to top off the tank and noticed antifreeze leaking. A quick check and it looked like the guys who topped off the fluids when it was in the shop maybe put too much in the overflow tank. We decided to press on, and check a little later. All was looking well and then it started to overheat but not for long. The temperature went up and then went right back down. We are thinking the thermostat is sticking. Anyways we made it to Tok, but it's so cold we decided it is smartest to stay here and head on in the morning. Right now it's -60. BRRRR! The dogs don't care much for getting out of the truck to pee. Everyone ate good though. We were smart and stopped to feed when it was only -10, before we got to Tok. Time to drop dogs now. We'll try to make it a long day tomorrow if the truck cooperates. Happy Trails.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to all. Looks like we get snow for Christmas here in Chugiak, Alaska. Only a few days left before we begin our journey to the World Championships. We've been so busy training we haven't really even begun to pack yet so this next weekend will be a busy one. We race Saturday at the Montana Creek Dog Mushers track and then again on Sunday at the Chugiak Dog Mushers Beach Lake trail system. The plan is to pull out of here first thing Monday morning so we'll see if that really happens.