Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 1- Walker, Minnesota race

What a beautiful day today. The weather couldn't be better(for the spectators). Not very good for the dogs though. By the time the 6-dog went out at about 1:30 it was about 50 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It wasn't any better for the 10 dog that went out 1 1/2 hours later. The race organizers did a great job at putting this all together with this being a first time race for this town. They had plenty of trail help and did a super job putting in starting chutes for all the teams.
We helped out with the 2-dog race. The kids start down on the lake and run up the hill and through the town and then cross a finish line up there so they needed lots of help to get the kids and dogs back down to the lake. The people are all super nice so that makes it real fun.
As far as how our teams did, well not too good. The 6-dog finished 5th we think, we haven't seen any results yet. They looked terrible back at the truck. Natha said he was in the lead but had to switch leaders just before the 1/2 way point. At first we thought they were just hot but at feeding time some were not eating well so we'll have to wait and see what we'll have for tomorrow. About the same for the 10-dog. Nathan said they just looked awful. He switched leaders in that race too. We've been training plenty far so this shouldn't have been hard for them. We've been around alot of other dogs and we're thinking they must have a bug to be in such rough shape. The great news though is they all did super with the enormous crowds on the streets and all the road crossings and the tunnel. Nathan said he's not a fan of the mass start races either.
It's now Sunday morning. Last night was real fun. We had dogs throwing up their dinner and some just flat refusing to eat. On of the dogs not eating has never missed a meal. They must be sick. This morning good news, all but one ate breakfast. Everyone looks fine. No one seems sore. I think as of this minute we'll go with the ones who ate and see where we end up overall. We are both looking forward to getting home. The same goes for the dogs I think. For the most part though they all seem to be enjoying the trip. We'll hope to get back on the internet tonight and let you know final results.

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Mom said...

I miss you and Dukker and I hope you come back by the 6th. Drive careful! Chayton

I miss Finch and Auntie and Uncle. And I miss Dukker and Guardrail. Come home soon. Kasey