Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 2 of the Walker race

The weather was alittle more cooperative today. It was still about 35 degrees but the trail was quite a bit firmer. All of the 6 dog team dogs went again today. Nathan was able to hold onto his 5th place spot. He had to switch Finch out of lead (she sick) and the only one left to go up in lead was Kai. He's one of the yearlings. He did super up there. No problems with any of the obstacles out on the trail. He did great running down the street with all the people too. For the 10 dog race we had to drop one dog. Our dog Nine was real sick and not eating so she'll rest up today. Nathan went with Ryobi and Slander in lead today. They did great. Our team was for sure the best at going through the tunnel. Almost all the other teams had real trouble with that obstacle. Nathan managed to move up one place to 7th overall for the 10 dog. By Sunday PM alot of the dogs are sick and not eating. When we dropped the dogs for feeding we noticed Dukker & Shey had swollen faces. Dukker's was real bad. He looked like a chipmunk. His neck was so swollen we had to loosen his collar. We had a similar thing happen to 2 other dogs last week and we just gave them Benadryl and they were fine the next day.
We headed back out to Ed & Amy Streeper's after the awards. We'll plan on sleeping there and head out early morning. More later whenever we have internet.

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