Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 2 of Exxon Race

It was alittle warmer today, it clouded up overnight. Some of the dogs didn't look to good this morning, they are tired and still fighting a bug they picked up somewhere along our travels, but no one is sore so I think all will go again today.
The 6 dog race went fine. We had a clean run, but Dar looked pretty wiped at the end. Kodo did super as he usually does for me. When I crossed the finish line Nathan said he thought I'd won the race. What! I was in shock. There was 11 seconds separating the top 4 teams going into today's heat of racing but the 3 teams ahead of me were great teams. I was hoping to move up to 3rd. The announcement of final positions confirmed that we did win. I was so excited. We have had a rough 6 weeks on the road and it was nice to have all our hard work finally pay off. Now can we hold onto the lead in the 8 dog. I was real nervous since I had the bad crash on day one. The team is so fast and there is so much power there. I didn't have any troubles at the bad corner in the 6 dog so that did wonders for boosting my confidence. We had a clean run but same as the 6 dog, one of my leaders "Dewalt" was really struggling about 2 miles from home. It's very obvious he's now coming down with the "bug" too. I didn't have the fastest day time today but we did still win overall. That was sweet!!! Last year Nathan was 2nd in the 8 dog and in 2007 he won it. My turn finally. The trophies are amazing. I'll have to take a picture and put it on here so you all can see. We had dinner at the Tudor Road Bingo where they held the awards ceremony. Tonight we unloaded all the dogs off the truck. That was quite a job since no dogs have been here for 6 weeks. Chains were frozen in, most of the straw in the houses had to be changed and food dishes were missing. The dogs are all settled in now and we get to go to bed early since we don't have to drop dogs tonight. Yeah. Back to work tomorrow and we have another huge race next weekend. It's a 3 day race. 10 dogs-10 miles, but each day is a different trail, so good leaders will be essential. The plan is to run 2 teams but we'll have to wait and see how training goes and who is still healthy by then. Happy Trails to all!

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