Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day one of the 36th running of the Exxon

I wasn't too sure what the weekend would hold for us after watering the dogs this morning. The dogs are far from 100% still. Some of the dogs I was planning on racing didn't drink so they won't be on the teams today.
We finished a very surprising 4th in the 6 dog. We had 2 passes that went fine. We are only seconds out of 1st place so we'll try and move up tomorrow. I ran Kodo & Dar in lead, Kai & Shey (both yearlings) in swing and Wren & Finch in wheel. All ran great and we'll hope for another clean run Sunday.
In the 8 dog we are currently in 1st place. That just absolutly shocked me. My run was far from clean and smooth. I crashed and almost lost my team on a bad corner just shortly after the start. They warned us to watch the corners for lack of snow. I didn't have any problems in the 6 dog so I wasn't ready for all the snow to suddenly be gone when I came around in the 8 dog. I hit the corner to fast I guess and caught a runner on some grass and just flipped right over. I can't belive I manage to get back upright. Then we also had 2 passes on the way home. I didn't think the dogs looked like a first place team but apparently I was wrong. It's nice to be back in Alaska and running on fast trails. The dogs sure seemed to like it too. Of course we are thrilled to be at the top in both our races. Hopefully all the dogs will be healthy for tomorrow.

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