Friday, January 16, 2009

We finally made it! It's been pretty crazy since we left Ft.Nelson. The truck broke down in Ft.St. John. Ross & Tammy Suanderson along with Tammy's parents helped us get back on the road. Ross knew someone who was willing to give up a repair appointment for their vehicle so we could get ours in. If not for that we'd still be in Ft.St.John since all the shop said it would be at least 3 weeks. The only catch was that we had to get the truck to Edmonton,Alberta. We were told the truck should make it as long as we kept it full of antifreeze. We were told it had a blown head gasket.
So off we were to Edmonton. We got a late start so we didn't make it in to Mark & Brooke Hartum's until real late. So instead of waking their family up, we slept in the truck in their driveway and got up at 6AM to move the dogs over to their dog box trailer. Nathan then headed off to drop the truck off and i stayed with the dogs back at the Hartum residence. My battery is going dead so I'll stop for now and add more tomorrow.
8 dog race begins tomorrow, January17th. Dogs look pretty good. They will be happy to be out of their boxes and running I'm sure. Lots of unknowns here at this race it appears. Even the race marshall has some big concrens.
Hugs to all our family back home.

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Mom said...

You and the dogs are THE BEST! You know it.... you have fast dogs and you are a good musher. If the trail conditions, lack of trail marking, behavior of others negatively affects what you know you are capable of, don't let it get to you. Have fun, do your best, and let the rest of the world drool with envy over those dogs! Hugs to the Super Musher and Super Musher/Driver/HAndler!