Monday, January 26, 2009

Heading Home

We are in Marquette, Michigan right now. We woke up to nice blue sunny skies although it's not very warm. I think it's about -5 right now.We are taking the drive home a little slower than what we did on the way to Daaquam. On the way up there we would sometimes drive for a day & 1/2 without stopping, trying to make up time lost from the truck breakdown.
We left Daaquam about 5AM, it was snowing and blowing all the way down the hill. Then we stopped the first night at North Bay, Ontario and then yesterday made it to here. The roads have been ok. We hit a pretty good snow storm when we crossed the border at Sault Ste. Marie. We had an uneventful border crossing which is great. The plan is to make it to Eddy & Amy Streeper's today and train there tomorrow. We are going to run over and check out the Casino here though before we leave town. Hope all is well with everyone back home.


sue said...

hey you two, i am here my computer has been a hit or miss . today i am on . it has been great to follow you on line. i am so proud of you. i can not wait to here all about it. every thing here has been going good. see you when you get home. love ya

Barbara Johnson said...

Make sure you are not loosing your pants at the casino. Have fun, you both earned it. By the way, right now you are in my old stomping ground. Upper Michigan and Marquette. We used to go there every summer until we moved to Alaska.

Oh.... you made the Anchorage News in the Sports Section. They mentioned that 2 mushers from Alaska participated in Canada and that you placed 8th. in the 6 dogs. I am sure your Mom will save you a copy. If not, I will have one for you.

Drive save.