Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 2 of the world championships will not be happening for us. A look over the dogs this morning and we decided not to continue. This choice was made based on what we think is the safest thing for the dogs. We witnessed a pretty bad injury to a fellow mushers main leader and possibly a career ender. That made our decision even easier. Although it was no where near an easy choice to withdrawl after all the time we spent preparing to get here. We always put our dogs first above even winning. Fortunatley for us all of our dogs that were hurt will recover and race again. More later on whats next for us.


Mom said...

What else can you do? Putting the dog care as hightest priority and not putting them intentionally in situations where there is srong likelyhood of injury is smart. Especially with so many young ones - don't want to sour their great attitudes for running by asking them to do it in pain. It is how small kennels manage to stay competitive I think. So sorry you have experienced this huge disappointment after working so hard (1) to raise funds to get there (2) to actually drive there and (3) to train for this above all other events this winter. Sometimes it is an unexplainable disappointment like this that builds character though. You will both better for the experiences of this adventure - both good and not-so-good. hugs - mom

Barbara Johnson said...

I am 100% behind your decision to withdraw. In all the years I have known you, the dogs health has always been your first priority. That is what I and Christine both learned from you and value about you. The love you have for your dogs. It has been hard work and a long drive to get to this event, but I am sure, you both will bring back some nice memories from this trip to.
Looking forward in hearing more.


YO said...

Sounds like the best choice given the situation. You know you have our support on this end. You are much smarter & more caring mushers than most I know and of many I have seen of late. Please come home safely. We look forward to your return.

You have triumphed in your display of integrity & principles. Hopefully others will take note & try to emulate your example.

Abundant blessings to you both.

kinvig k9z racing kennel blog said...

You are totally right in the decision. Now if only we could get all mushers to put the dogs first. We are very sorry that this happened with all the preparation that it takes to get there I know how hard this can be. I hope that you can gain something positive from this experience. You are welcome to stop by here for a night or two on the way up to Alaska. We 40 km from Whitehorse. Lots of room to drop dogs. Please feel free to stop in. our number is 867-633-6502. we wish you all the best for the rest of your trip.

Darren Leanne Ben and Rachel.

Joe said...

Your decision is admirable but we all share in the disappointment and I for one wish to have a word with the organizers. a return trip where you can actually stop and get some sleep along the way. Thanks so much for your blogs and keeping in touch. Looking forward to more.

laughing husky said...

I know how difficult it must have been for you to do what you did after everything is said and done, but it sounds like a very wise decision under the circumstances. I know that you always put dogs first. Take your time coming home. No trails here and no forecast for snow....Big hugs to you both. You done good!!!!

Mom said...

Sorry you are sad auntie. We miss you.... take care of my favorite dog Dukker and come home soon. love Chayton