Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Well we rang in the new year sleeping. How boring I know, but it was a long trip over here to Ft. Nelson and we didn't get much sleep on the way but we made it. Monday night we had to leave the truck running all night long because it was so cold in Tok. It's hard to sleep good when your truck is outside running with all the precious cargo (dogs) in it. Then we had to sleep in the truck Tuesday night because all the gas stations in Watson Lake were closed when we got there about 11pm. So we waited until they opened at 6am, then we off again. The roads were pretty good for the most part. We saw lots of wildlife. We saw Elk, Deer, Buffalo, Lynx, and Fox. We have pictures but they're back in the hotel room so we'll try to add them later.
We wanted to make it to Ft. Nelson in time to train on Wednesday but since that didn't happen, we did a short run today just to let the dogs strech out. It's very cold so that helped make the decision to go a little shorter. We trained 2 teams and both ran 7.5 miles. Everyone looks good. The trails at the Streeper kennel are real nice and all of the family is so wonderful to us. A big thanks to Buddy for taking time out to show us the trail today so we could train. Looks like Nathan will run the open with mostly the yearlings, and Terry Streeper has me talked into running the 10-dog. I'm not to sure about it though since it's a mass start race. I'll most likely only have 8 dogs left to run. If our leader "Dar" is healed up & ready to go he should be a real bonus to my team. He got bit in the knee during one of the very rare dog fights we have in our kennel. We ran him today & if he still looks ok tomorrow he will lead my team along with our newest superstar "Dewalt". Nathan is planning to take "Makita" & "Nora" in lead for his team.
Happy New Year to everyone back home. Thanks for all of your support. Love & Hugs to our families, especially Chayton & Kasey (our nephew & niece).


Joe said...

It's hanging around-15 here in Muldoon. I'm going to a kids movie today with Chayton and Kacie and a couple other kids, hehe. Looking forward to your next post. Have good races this weekend. Adobo gives a "woof". Thinking of you.

Helen said...

How was the race, looks like pretty cold temperatures.

YO said...

Just heard the news on the 10 dog race in Ft Nelson. Must have been an exciting start. Sundog Racing dogs kick butt! oh, & their drivers too. Woooohooooooooooo!!! Awesome beginnings to the circuit.

Yearlings win, yearlings win... that's the next headline.

Ya'll take good care. Blessings!

Mom said...

Jen & Nathan haven't had much time to check email but if you want to look at all the Ft. Nelson race results for the 3rd & 4th, go to

Jen said she had quite the challenge getting around other teams on Sunday, but still was able to pull way ahead when she finally got past some of the slower teams! Nathan did real well too considering the dogs have only been training for 12 miles and this was a 15 mile course!